New residential complex Sofia ready Luxury Residence apartments and penthouses in Kato Paphos

19 premium apartments

Built and equipped to the highest technical and design standards.

Costs start at €4,500 per square meter.

Investments in the amount of € 2 million or less need to be saved for only 5 years. After 5 years, you can sell part of the property, leaving yourself a home worth € 500 thousand.
Investors will need to maintain their investment for 5 years after naturalization.
Donations (non-refundable contributions) required: € 75 thousand to the Research Assistance Fund and € 75 thousand to the Cyprus Land Management Corporation.

Own management company with supreme standards for controlling and managing your apartment

We offer a convenient format for commercial management of your real estate, namely: Managed apartments. This is a great opportunity for those who like to vacation on the sea several times a year, while staying at their own apartment each time and getting the full range of services on a par with a luxury hotel.

The advantage of buying apartments in our Complex as part of the Cyprus passport program "citizenship for investments":
the apartments offered for sale belong to the premium segment, are fully equipped for a comfortable stay and do not require additional investments.

Our Management Company is fully committed to renting and servicing apartments and making settlements with Guests. You will receive income in the form of interest established by the Trust Deed. By purchasing ownership of our apartments, you conclude a Management Agreement with our Company for services for the maintenance of your real estate.

Our services
  • Responding to requests for rent
  • Obtaining the necessary permits for short-term rent
  • Managing rent and tenant relations
  • Checking tenants in and out
  • Preparing and personal administration of rental agreements
  • Weekly property inspections

We are here for you 24/7!

Block А

101,29 m2

Apartments А101

550 000
101,95 m2

Apartments А102

550 000
101,83 m2

Apartments А201

550 000
101,95 m2

Apartments А202

550 000
203,48 m2

Apartments А301

1 000 000

Block B

94,7 m2

Apartments B101

500 000
97,06 m2

Apartments B102

500 000
95,27 m2

Apartment B201

500 000
95,27 m2

Apartments B202

500 000
94,67 m2

Apartments B301

500 000
96,46 m2

Apartments B302

500 000
94,61 m2

Apartments B401

550 000
96,76 m2

Apartments B402

550 000

Block С

86,12 m2

Apartments C001

500 000
86,12 m2

Apartments C002

500 000
96,47 m2

Apartments C101

500 000
95,83 m2

Apartments C201

500 000
83,78 m2

Apartments C202

500 000
158,65 m2

Apartments C301

1 000 000
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